For Randol (Randy) Schoenberg, it was Ryan Reynolds.

Just three years ago, you may have seen the movie “Woman in Gold” with Ryan Reynolds, Hellen Mirren, and Katie Holmes.  At Westview, students in Pascal Nittas’s Government class watched the movie and then heard a talk by Randy (not Ryan!) on Friday, November 16, 2018.   The story was both tragic and triumphant and was based on the true story of the recovery of the Klimt masterpieces stolen during World War II.

Against nearly impossible odds that spanned the US and Austrian judicial systems, Randy represented Maria Altman (Helen Mirren), whose aunt is depicted in the famous painting.  Providing a real-life example of how the law and government work, students heard a deeply-felt message of what they can achieve when they put passion, perseverance and professional skills to work.

The idea for this Master Class was initiated by Westview parent Aimee Ginsburg Bikel, who is related to Randy’s wife.  Students were deeply engaged and asked frequent questions.  It was a memorable day. We encourage other parents to contact Neil Schwartz ( with other speaker contacts.