Counseling is an important component of the Westview program. We believe therapeutic support through individual and group counseling is beneficial to the overall success of our students.

Westview’s Therapeutic model is informed by principles of the Neurosequential Model of Education (NME).  NME is a research-based, developmentally informed approach to working with students who struggle with social and emotional challenges.  Best practices consider a child’s history and current functioning to understand behavior. Our model’s primary goal is to foster positive relationships as well as a meaningful learning experience. The therapeutic team collaborates with the educational team in an effort to develop interventions which support emotional regulation in the classroom.  NME supports a student’s positive engagement in their school program by teaching strategies of emotional regulation. Therapists provide individual and group counseling sessions as outlined by student IEP’s to address counseling goals. With this approach to understanding behavior, we strive to cultivate a learning environment that is respectful, relevant (developmentally matched) and rewarding.

Each counseling relationship supports school-related goals, which may include:

  • Improving the ability to tolerate frustration, manage anxiety, and control impulsivity
  • Teach self-advocacy skills
  • Learning how to make responsible choices
  • Developing pro-social communication and relational skills
  • Building feelings of efficacy and self-reliance

As needed, our counselors may help students with conflict resolution, assisting them in utilizing supportive resources, and developing problem-solving perspectives and strategies.