That’s the central question asked and answered by Amy Smith, Chief Giving Office of TOMS Shoes.  Amy gave a master class in corporate social responsibility to a joint assembly at the Culver City campus of both Westview School of Arts and Technology, and STEM3 Academy, on November 30, 2018.

Our students were fascinated to hear of the extensive work needed for the donated shoes to match the needs of the terrain, the weather, and even local school rules.

They also learned about the broader issue of corporate social responsibility, which TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie built into the fabric of the organization, inspired by a trip he took to Argentina where he witnessed countless children going without this basic necessity.

TOMS helped influence a renaissance in corporate efforts for the social good,  serving as a change-maker in the world of business and philanthropy.  Best of all, students walked away with a heightened sense that they too can do to contribute to making a difference in others’ lives.