Students at Westview School of Arts & Technology came face-to-face with these questions in a February 2019 field trip to The Wallis Theater, where they joined the audience for “Witness Uganda” a ‘Documentary Musical’ by Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews.

Students raved about the play and were thrilled to take part in the post-theater discussion with the performers about the deep questions raised.

About the documentary musical: Devastated when his New York City church kicks him out for being gay, Griffin escapes across the world to volunteer in a small village. His “good intentions” are tested against the backdrop of an incurable epidemic, corruption and a dangerous abduction that leaves him questioning everything he has ever known. Witness Uganda is a groundbreaking documentary journey that expands the possibilities of the American musical.

Big thanks to The Wallis for inviting Westview School of Arts & Technology into their circle of Partner Schools.

“Wow it was nice….  I would like to go to the next play there because ….everybody [was …] fantastic.”

-Enrique, Westview high school student

“Everyone did a great job with their roles and getting into character. It really was extraordinary and fun. I was honored to be able to watch …[you] do your finest. Keep it up. Let’s go #ProjectUganda!”

-Theo, Westview high school student

“I thought the show was excellent and inspiring. It was very generous of the creators to spend time with us teachers beforehand, and for the cast and creative team to answer student questions after the performance. My students (and I) were really moved by the story, and the music was so powerful! I particularly enjoyed being so close to the action and being in the middle of the energetic dancing and beautiful singing.”

-Westview Performing Arts Teacher Andy Steadman