Students in Mr. Pascal Nittas’s Government / Economics class participated in a Master Class on Government by guest speaker Jacqueline Hamilton on April 11, 2019, when the Senior Council and Field Representative to Congresswoman Karen Bass spoke in class. Students brought up topics of both the police and the electoral college as something they’d like to change.

The first way to effect change is to have a direct conversation to see if change can be achieved through awareness raising and problem identification.  If that doesn’t work, escalation is possible to the relevant governing body to see if change can be affected.  For the police, governing bodies are usually City Councils or Boards of Supervisors.

For national matters such as the Electoral College, there are field offices of our Congressional representatives.  Ms. Hamilton said that each topic called into the office is logged, and once a topic’s tally exceeds ten, it is tracked over time and discussed further with Congresswoman Bass, and potentially acted upon. So students were glad to hear that the government listens and that by speaking up, they can change things as local as the police, or as national as the Electoral College.