What’s the next step after the tour?

An application needs to be submitted and the Admissions department will set up an intake interview for potential students and their parents.

What happens after the intake?

The Head of School reviews student records and the results of the intake with The Help Group’s Admissions Committee to see if the student is a good fit for the program. If it is decided that it is a good fit, the family will be notified. If funded, the district will then need to reconvene and name Westview as school of record. Once the IEP is complete, an admission date will be established.

What are the demographics of the students that attend Westview?

Students who attend Westview are capable students who have had challenges with social and emotional regulation at public school. Anxiety, depression, ADHD and mood disorders are the common threads our students share. Our program is best for students who do not exhibit any assaultive behaviors.

Describe your therapeutic program

The Counseling Department is overseen by Licensed Professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of clinical services. All therapists are BBSE certified (Board of Behavioral Science Examiners) and receive weekly supervision by a licensed clinician. All therapists are required to maintain continuing education units in order to maintain their credentialed status. Westview’s therapeutic model emphasizes the importance of coordinating with the school’s academic and support staff in order to maintain a standard of care. Therapists also coordinate with professionals who provide for the student’s therapeutic needs (i.e. outpatient therapy and psychiatric services) outside of the school setting. The student is seen in accordance to the directives on their IEP. Generally this is either in individual or group sessions for an hour a week.

What is your school day?

8:30am to 3pm. There are 6 periods in a day.

Do you offer A–G classes?


What are your class sizes?

Student to teacher ratio is approximately 10 to 12 students to 1 teacher. Maximum class size is 14 students.

What are some of the colleges that students are accepted at?

Students who graduated from Westview have been accepted to many colleges and universities. Click here for a list.

Do you accept students outside the Los Angeles area?

The Help Group contracts with over 110 school districts and charter schools in the LA area. We do accept students outside of the county and state. In fact, we offer a residential option for students who do not live in the area. In partnership with The Help Group’s Project Six, Westview offers high school students a therapeutic residential program. Project Six is located in the San Fernando Valley within Los Angeles County. To learn more about Project Six, click here.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes. If your child has school district funding, then transportation is covered. If paying privately for school, transportation can be provided as an additional cost.

Is Westview School a college preparatory school?

Yes! We are a college preparatory school, and our students are on a diploma track.

What electives do you offer?

The electives currently being offered are:

Visual arts
Graphic Design